Empower Play is a non-profit organization that was incorporated December 21 2014. The organization was created in order to provide the youth of Sarnia-Lambton a financial backing to help them realize their dreams of success in both athletics and the arts.

We dream of a world where success is strictly a matter of hard work, dedication and good coaching. We are determined to create a world where a lack of finances is not the determining factor of whether somebody who could potentially be successful- is not.

What differentiates us from other non-profit corporations, who seem to be working towards a similar goal, is that we will be focusing on a particular type of applicant. This applicant must show commitment and dedication to their field of interest, the talent necessary to further their career and have a financial barrier preventing them from maximizing the level of competition they are participating in.

Empower Play recognizes that without a starting point, nobody can possibly get to this stage of their perspective careers. We will also have a program in place that will assist our youth in participating at an entry level. Working with schools and organizations, Empower Play will provide financial assistance and the equipment necessary to the organization or school in order to allow the kids who want to participate in a certain activity and cannot afford to do so.

Empower Play, Inc. will maximize the potential of today’s youth by removing the financial barriers associated with competing at the next level.

How does it work

Empower Play will not directly provide cash or funding to families in need of assistance. Empower Play Inc. will develop relationships with schools and other associations, their directors, and coaches in order to determine who needs the assistance the most.

We ask that we are only approached by the organization of the particular field that the youth is trying to participate in. We believe that this approach keeps confidentiality in check, respects the parents of the youth, and creates an open door policy between Empower Play Inc. and the school or organization asking for the sponsorship. Our goal is for the youth to participate and no one worry about where the money came from.

The most important fact is that the kids and parents are aware that there is funding available for them to participate in a sport at a young age so that it is just second nature and not something they need to fight for.

Joel Skinner
We would like to thank our community supporters for all of their contributions towards Empower Play Inc.!