Receiving funding from Empower Play has gotten much, much easier!  Parents can now apply by clicking on the link below, and filling out the application form.

Please note the following;

We only sponsor participants in the competitive strands of arts or athletics.  We do not issue grants for houseleague or grass-roots participants.  If you are someone who is not in the competitive strand, please contact Jumpstart or the YMCA in order to obtain funding.

When applying for funding through Empower Play, please note the following.

-We will ask for proof of income.

-We may contact your coach/coordinator in order to question the applicants attitude and talent.  We believe in hard work and dedication; The way in which the applicant participates may determine their eligibility for funding.

-We may contact a teacher in regards to how the applicant behaves in school.

-It is important to note that Empower Play has very limited resources.  We will do our best to fund the best applicants available.  We look for well rounded applicants who have a driving passion, a great attitude, and excellent talent- although talent is not always the driving factor of obtaining funding.

-The lowest income family isn't always prioritized but we put financial need into first consideration.  We understand compeititve programs are expensive- even for middle class working families.



The most important fact is that the kids and parents are aware that there is funding available for them to participate in a sport at a young age so that it is just second nature and not something they need to fight for.

Joel Skinner
We would like to thank our community supporters for all of their contributions towards Empower Play Inc.!