Funding Policy

1. All funding inquiries must come from a team, organization, association or professional within the community. Empower Play Inc will not process any requests coming from parents or guardians. Empower Play will not reimburse parents or guardians who have previously paid payments to any organization.

2. All requests must be directed to Any email that is sent to any other email account will not be processed for funding.

3. Upon approval of request at our monthly board meetings, Empower Play will contact the organization that is applying for the funding and fill out an application questionnaire.

4. A follow-up questionnaire will be required to maintain eligibility for funding the following year. If the funding request is high priority, our funding coordinator will contact the board and organize a meeting to discuss the situation.

Funding will be provided to successful applicants via check to the organization that requires the funding for the child to participate. No personal checks will be written to families or application contacts.

Please Click Here for an Application form.  Please email all application forms to

For any other questions please contact 


The most important fact is that the kids and parents are aware that there is funding available for them to participate in a sport at a young age so that it is just second nature and not something they need to fight for.

Joel Skinner
We would like to thank our community supporters for all of their contributions towards Empower Play Inc.!