• 92%  of kids aged 10-13 years old from higher income families play organized sports.
    (1) Stats Canada

  • Only 72% from the same age group in lower income families participate.
    (1) Stats Canada

  • Among 14-17 year olds, youth from higher income families were also more likely to participate in organized sports.
    (1) Stats Canada

  • Only 1 in 10 kids Play sports in families withincome of less than $20000.
    (2) Active Health Kids Canada, 2007, p.14

  • 1 in 5 of today's youth From families with incomes of $30000 to $80000 participates in organized activities.
    (3) Canadian Heritage Sports Participation Research Paper

The most important fact is that the kids and parents are aware that there is funding available for them to participate in a sport at a young age so that it is just second nature and not something they need to fight for.

Joel Skinner
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